How to get information from any photo

How to get information from any photos. This is very important topic for everyone. Today I will show you how to you get all information from any photo.  Actually, We are using many Different Social Networks. The most advanced and popular Social Network is Facebook
there have Countless fake account on Facebook even, Many accounts with a same picture. If you want you Can understand By that picture who is the real person?

How to get information from any photo
How to get information from any photo
Not only that, There have many more fruit or flowers We do not know Any information about that. Suddenly, If you get an unknown fruit or flowers, Take pictures of that Find out more information.
Let's see now How to do it.

Get all information from any photo

1. First select a browser Which is able to convert Desktop Version. for that, I'm using Puffin Browser, It is very fast browsing and Its able convert to desktop version.

 2. Now open your browser and go to Google.Com  and select IMAGE

3. Now Make your browser Desktop Version

4. Now Click on the Camera Icon

5. Now Click on the Upload an image

6. Now Click on the Choose File and select your photo which about you want to know.

7. I have selected Mark Zuckerberg's photo

8. Now Uploading the photo
9. See the image of Mark Zuckerberg which I uploaded That photo is also showing where the photo has posted It also shows up.
How to get information from any photo