What is Blue Whale Game? What to do here?

What is Blue Whale Game? This question is now viral in many countries. Today I will discuss with you about Blue Whale Game at a glance. Blue whale game is an online competitive game. Let's say beforehand, The purpose of this tune is not to harm yourself. I just want to give you a little idea about blue whale game. But please do not try to practice it. It may also harm you. I request you specially Don't go to play this game.

What is Blue Whale Game?

Blue whale is an online competitive game, It is also known as "Blue Whale Challenge". Blue Whale game is a Russian online competitive game.According to the instructions of the social gaming page administrator, It has to do various tasks for 50 (fifty) days. And as the latest challenge The participant was ordered to commit suicide. So far in the world, More than 130 teenage girls and boys were claimed to have died while playing Blue Whale game. I think there is no need to say anything more here about blue whale game. I request you specially Don't go to play this game.

At a glance, there are 50 steps of the Blue Whale game, Learn what to do in every step.

1. Write "f57" by rowing in your hand and send the photo to the director.

2. Get up at 4.20 AM and watch cycling and scary videos Which sent by the director.

3. Cut your vein along with a razor but not too deep, only need to spend 3 times, after the end, send a picture to the director.

4. Draw a whale on paper and send photos to the director.

5. If you are ready to be a whale, then write "yes" with a razor in your leg . If not ready, hit yourself with a razor many times (punish yourself).

6. Work on sign language

7. Write F40 in your hand with a razor and send a picture to the director.

8. write "i_am_whale" in your "VKontakte" status.

9. To overcome your fear is to be overcome.

10. Wake up at 4.20 AM and go on a roof (will be the best of the best)

11. Draw a whale on your hand with a razor and send a picture to the director.

12. Watch cycling and horror videos all day long.

13. Listen to the music sent by the director.

14. Cut out your lips.

15. You Thrust your hand with a needle again and again.

16. Do something yourself, make yourself sick.

17. Go to the highest peak you find and stand for some time on its end.

18. Go to a bridge and stand on one end.

19. Get out of the crain or try at least.

20. The director will judge if you are the believer.

21. Speak with a whale now in Skype (with any other player like you or manager)

22. Go to the roof and hang legs on one end.

23. Another work on sign language.

24. Secret Task.

25. Meet with a whale.

26. The director will tell you the date of your death and you will have to accept it.

27. Get up at 4.20am and go on the railway (see any railway that you will find).

28. You can not talk to anyone full day.

29. Swear that "you are a whale. "

30-49. Everyday you wake up at 4.20am, watch ghostly videos, listen to music that "they" are sending you. Hit 1 on your body every day, and talk to a whale.

50. Take your life.

I think This topic must not harmful for you. Don't go to practice this game anywhere. Because, It may harmful for your life. I request you specially Don't go to play this game. Thanks