The best features of the IMO New Version

The best features of the IMO New Version The Imo free video calls and chat app is continuously changing the features in every update version. In each and every new version, there are some new and updated features are launched. However, many of the users just like the older features. But the new version is the best for every Android. If you’re looking for benefit of Imo install; we think you have taken a good decision. Because every user should check the benefits and features, before installing any application.
The best features of the IMO New Version

Why Imo New Version is better?

  1. Instant messaging application:
The IMO newer version just consists of instant messaging capabilities. It did not consist of any other features which come in the newer version. Owing to this very reason, it was very easy to use the older version. Many people are not that tech savvy. That is why they like the simple applications. The current IMO application is actually pretty confusing. Most of the users do not understand the functions of the features as well.

  1. Fewer resources:
The IMO New Version used fewer resources. Owing to this very reason, it can run on almost any phone. As Android new version's capability; it should update imo also! This is another reason why some of the users prefer the older version. In the newer version, the number of resources which are needed is more. Owing to this very reason, IMO easily hangs. This reduces the performance of the application significantly. This is another reason why people are opting for the older version.
  1. Easy to use:
Like with any other application, when people have been using it for a long period of time, they become accustomed to it. Similarly, people have also become accustomed to the older IMO version. That is why, when the features of the IMO messaging application change, they did not prefer it. It was like they have to learn the interface all over again. People normally do not like change. Since the older IMO version was working perfectly, people did not want it to change as that was pretty easy to use. This is another reason why people like the IMO New Version. So, when it comes to IMO, the saying is true that what isn’t broken shouldn’t be fixed. Owing to this very reason, many people still do not update the IMO application.