SEO Tutorial Part 4 Heading and Image

Hi, Today I will discuss about heading & Image. Heading & Image most of the important part on SEO. Specially Heading very important. Here I will give you ideas about image & heading. You should definitely have ideas about Image & Heading Otherhand you can't get best result.

SEO Tutorial Part 4 Heading and Image

We know that there are 6 headings tags from h1 to h6. The text in this tag shows a bit larger than normal text. When you will write any article, must keep the important text in the heading. If you have 4/5 paragraphs in an article, you can put each title of each paragraph in this heading tag. So that users and search engines understand that what is written in this paragraph on the subject. It will never be right to give headings to which the paragraph does not match.

Heading should be short and relevant. It is not good thing to put a paragraph in the heading tag.  It is also not good to use too much heading on a page.

If you put any picture on your site, then must you will use alt attribute to describe the picture. Sometimes, if the image is not loaded or delayed then alt attribute will appear in the photo place.
When you  will use this image as a link, this alt text will works in anchor text. It is not good to link too much, but if you have to give it, then put the description in alt attribute that the search engine can read the image.

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