Google Webmaster Tools Dashboard SEO Part 7

Google Webmaster Tools Dashboard is very important in SEO. If you want to get visitor from Search Engine You must need to have good idea about Google Webmaster Tools Dashboard. Today i will discuss about Google Webmaster tools Dashboard. This is very important topic. from the Google Webmaster tools dashboard you can submit sitemap for your website and You can get more facilites. But you can get those facilites after verification of your ownership. More details below are given.

Google Webmaster Tools Dashboard SEO Part 7

After completing the verification, You will get a new interface from here click on the link on your site and go to the dashboard.

There are various types of information on the dashboard, such as Search Analytics. Here is a list of words which Google uses to search your site. and how many impression and click have you gotten you can see here.

Crawl errors Here is the information about whether there is a problem crushing your site.

Whether sitemaps have been submitted to Sitemap or if there are information on how many URLs in the Sitemap were taken to Google's database etc.

Sitemap Submission:
If you have not Submitted sitemap please submit your sitemap. Click on the Sitemaps you will get a new page.
Sitemaps Submission
Before, Submitting Sitemap You need to create a sitemap from go to this link Enter your site and Click on Start follow the image given below
Now wait few minutes. You will get a list of sitemaps. There have many type of sitemaps.
Sitemap Donload

Download the xml version of sitemap and put on desktop. Now Submit your Sitemap and refresh. now your sitemap is submitted but It will take sometimes to index your sitemap.

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